Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The trip

Here are a few pictures from the zoo.

Amy took this one.
We did enjoy our time with my family and Amy's birth family. We probably spent a little too much time watching HGTV and TLC, but it was relaxing.
My parents & I went to the new quilting museum in Lincoln. We weren't allowed to take pictures in the galleries, but here's one of the doll quilts made from yo-yos.

After our museum visit we went to Ashland to the Willow Point Gallery. Gene Roncka is one of my favorite artists, so when I can I like to go to his gallery. This time I met his wife who was very helpful. I came home with two of his works. One is the last one on the right at this link. It was already framed and 30% off! It's framed size is about 8x10. The other one I bought is Grandpa's Place. I didn't see it on their website and I didn't find it online anywhere, so until I take a picture of mine you won't be able to see it.

That day dh & Amy went shopping with her Old Navy gift card. She found some great deals!! They also went to the zoo's IMAX and the Family Fun Center.

We also got to play a 70's version of Family Feud. My sister's dh bought the board game on ebay for Christmas. That was fun.

On our way home we stopped in Michigan City, IN at the Hannah Andersson outlet. They had three racks of women's clothes for $5. We found several things there. We love a bargain!

Our weather was good the entire trip. But while we were gone it snowed around 12" here. I felt sorry for the people watching the dog. They had to shovel their way to the door and a place for Sadie to take care of business. When we pulled into the drive way we got stuck. The van would not go anywhere. I'm thankful that was the extent of our weather issues.

Now I'm glad to be home, sleeping in my own bed.

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Mom said...

The zoo pictures are very pretty. I forgot to show you the cherry wood frame that I bought the Ronka pictures for. Missing you all.