Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reading and Quilting

I'm reading this book in order to find help for all my health issues. They seem to point to the thyroid. The author's website is here. In chapter two "Are You at Risk for Hypothroidism" under the section "Risk Factors for Hypothyroidism" it lists Supplement and Iodine as a risk factor. It says, "Certain supplements also increase the risk of thyroid disease. If you are taking too much iodine or iodine-containing herbs such as kelp, bladderwack, or bugleweed, then you may be creating an increased risk for hypothroidism. Note, too, that many multivitamins, glandular support formulas, and combination products contain these supplements as well." I've been taking iodine and a glandular supplement for quite a while, so I'm wondering if I've unknowingly contributed to the problem. I hope there's more explanation to come.
I've also been putting together quilts. Here's the Christmas one. I found the main panel in Omaha for 50% off. When I got home I bought a little of the others to make the striped border. The collection is Merry & Bright by Sandy Gervais for Moda. It's a fun line.
This second one is doll-sized made from stash. I love this collection Celebrate Spring by Sandy Gervais.

And since we're in great need of good news...I received an email from my favorite fabric store saying I'd spent $500 so now I'm entitled to a $50 gift card! I really don't think I've spent that much, but maybe. Anyway, I'm very happy.
And since I need a book escape I'm just starting this twaddle (no insult intended).


Anonymous said...

Mary Shomon, the author, is an excellent patient advocate on thyroid health issues. To know if you have a dysfunctional thyroid gland, a first step is to ask your doctor to perform a TSH test. A Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test is commonly part of the lab assessment of your blood if you report feeling SLUGGISH*. As the hormones produced by the thyroid gland are respnsible for the use of oxygen in every cell in your body, it is important to all aspects of your health - from cardiac issues, to reproductive concerns, to mental health.
We like to say that good health begins six inches below the chin!

Sharon Cunningham

Sleepy, fatigued;
Loss of memory, trouble concentrating;
have Unusually dry skin;
a Goitre;
Gradual personality change;
an Increase in weight;
Sensitivity to the cold
and experiencing Hair loss.

Mom said...

The Christmas fabric quilt turned out really pretty. Your escape book looks interesting and unusual. Now you will need to have hubby make a bunch of bunk beds for your dolls for places to put the doll quilts you are going to make.

Mom said...

I just realized you have a new look. It is so appropriate!