Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lastest puzzle

This puzzle was so hard it took me 11 days to finish. I knew I wouldn't give up, but it was hard to even know how to work on it. All that black looked alike. I managed to get it all done around the black parts, then I had to start studying each open spot and each piece to match them up.

It's done just in time to start one of the four I bought on ebay. They just got here Friday. Happy puzzling.

I don't have pictures of the snow, but we've got some. It quit snowing for a bit this afternoon, so I decided to head to town. I thought I'd hit the library, but the snow scared them away--it was closed. So I went to the grocery store. It was great fun driving on the unplowed roads, seriously. It was a bit slow going, but...There were actually quite a lot of us out there. I was a little surprised at how many people were out.

Update on the cilantro dressing. It seems to lose its cilantro flavor rather quickly.


Mom said...

What an interesting picture. How many pieces are the puzzles you have been doing?

momawake said...

They're all 1000, except one that was 750. That one only took an afternoon.

Hope said...

A lot harder than the one Paul and Charity did over Christmas!

cheri said...

You have far more patience than I do!

Cute puzzle. Stay safe out there!

Vickie said...

When you finish your puzzles do you mount them or take them apart and put them back in the box to bring out at a later date to do again?

I LOVE doing puzzles but I hate taking them apart. I have to let them set for several days so I can look at them before I dismantle.