Saturday, January 24, 2009

Currently reading

Back in November I was listening to Janet Parshall's America. She interviewed Tass Saada a former member of the PLO. You may listen to the interview here. He wrote the book "Once an Arafat Man." I put in on hold at the library and waited until this month when it finally came in. It's a fascinating story of his life. I'm about a third of the way through, so I have yet to see how he came to know the Lord. Clicking on the book will take you to the Once an Arafat Man blog.

I'm also reading "Last Days Madness" by Gary DeMar.

Here's the description I pulled from American Vision's website:
The end is here...again. At every calendar milestone, self-proclaimed modern-day "prophets" arise to stir up a furor rivaled only by the impending apocalypse they predict. This doom-and-gloom prognostication is not only spread by a few fanatics, but millions of Christians, including some of the most recognized names in mainstream Christianity who are caught up in the latest "last days" frenzy. Seduced by the popular craze, they are driven not to action, but to radical inactivity, ineffectiveness, and lethargy while waiting for the easy-out "end."

If you click on the book it takes you to the page where you can buy it.


Mom said...

How is your stress level with your current reading material?

momawake said...

Thankfully, not bad.

Mom to Anyone said...

The first book sounds fascinating. I've been trying to read some lately. I may see if I can get that one from the library.