Saturday, January 17, 2009

I love bargains

If you've got any money at all, now is the time for bargains. Last night on date night we went to Lowes to look at counter top chips. On our way back out I went down the wallpaper aisle and found a border I like for the bathroom we're redoing. They had five rolls in the same dye lot, so I got them all. The price tag said $11.96, so I was willing to spend $60. I got up the register and noticed (after she rang up four of them) that they were coming up for $1 each! Now the sign in the wallpaper aisle did say borders were a dollar, but I thought it was just for the ones right by the sign. I got all that border for $5!!
Then tonight we all went to the Christian bookstore who has been advertising their huge sale. They been doing this since after Christmas. We finally decided to head over there. While there I discovered Christmas cards for 90% off. I probably went a little crazy, but I bought 14 boxes. The two larger boxes were $.79 each, the smaller boxes were $.39 each. Wow! Between these and the ones I bought at Hobby Lobby we should be set for Christmas cards for several years. (I'm just slightly embarrassed about that...but the bargains were worth it!)
We did find a few other good deals, like all the children's items and dvds were 40% off, so we took advantage of those as well.
I really hope to start crafting again soon. Keep praying for me to be able to. This blog is in great need of "craft" relief rather than scary news stories. I'll keep posting those as necessary, but we need something different.


Hope said...

Ooohhh--SERIOUSLY good deals!!! I love deals! ;-) I'm planning to post hopefully later on my blog about my GW deals yest! Home from church with Todd and Charity and Chad. Chad still recovering--and T and C now sick with this bug. I feel like it's trying to bite me too.

Mom said...

Hope you will have pictures of your bath when it is done.

Mom to Anyone said...

Ha! I just went to Walmart to walk indoors and get Joshua some things for his upcoming trip. I bought 4 rolls of Christmas wrap for .70 each! I *do* get excited about bargains.