Thursday, December 4, 2008


I decided to join Facebook yesterday. The only reason to do such a thing is because I have family on there.
So my initial impression is that it is a waste of time. Now, don't get all ruffled. I think it has good uses, but when I read some of the posts like "I'm going shopping." I thought to myself and outloud to whomever was around, "who has time to post such a trivial matter?" And who really wants to know? I guess I just don't get it.
We'll see how it goes after I've experienced it for a little bit.


The Boring One said...

I understand - and agree. I have to admit, it can be fun if you don't have time to write an interesting "blog post", a one sentence summary of what you are doing is nice. :-)

cheri said...

That was my initial impression too. But some people take time to write really clever status updates and sometimes they are a call to prayer. Like this morning when I Wisconsin friend who is a pastor's wife wrote: "We were at the hospital last night with a 15 year old girl who tried to take her life." I immediately began to pray for this young lady.

Plus...I get to see pics of my grandbaby and my kids and my grandbaby (oh, mentioned that already :))!

If you want to be my facebook friend - my last name is Shields. Maybe you can find me?

Amy said...

I must say I was quite surprised that you of all people joined facebook. ;-D Doesn't seem like the sort of thing you would do.
I like the new background too. Now THAT looks like you. :-)

Betania said...

I totally agree that it's a waste of time. I do find it fun to connect with those friends that live far away and looking at people's pictures. I also find it as a way of encouragement. If someone has a status that says, "I'm stressed", then I will post a Bible verse or a nice comment. I try to make it an encouragement toolbar.

Mom said...

It is like everything, it has an up side and a down side. It can be a waste and it can be a practical way to communicate. I prefer email and blogging which are more personal. Facebook limits you to ideas/info that is OK for anyone to read.

Anonymous said...

All of my younger cousins are on it plus friends from college and high school. I have little patience for the tediousness of detailing everything I'm doing, but it's nice to be able to contact people I can't easily by other means.