Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Charlotte Mason quote

This week on HSLDA's Homeschool Heartbeat the discussion has been about how graduates of institutes of higher learning do not know much about American history, economics, international relations or government. I personally think there are plenty of people (socialists, atheists, etc.) who like it that way and want to keep it that way.

Today we were reading in Charlotte Mason's Ourselves about loyalty to country. Here's what she wrote:

"Loyalty to country, Patriotism, is a noble passion. Revolutions come about when the character of the sovereign is such that right-thinking people can no longer be loyal to king and country; when unjust laws, undue taxes, the oppression of the poor, make men's hearts sore for their fatherland. Loyalty to country demands honour, service and personal devotion. The honor due our country requires some intelligent knowledge of her history, laws, and institutions; of her great men and her people; of her weaknesses and her strength..."

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Mom said...

I am struggling with a balance in my thinking between love of country(the Christian nation the USA used to be) and love of the Lord. Does loving the Lord mean fighting for what is right(or fighting against what is wrong)? Is passion for sounding the warning to uninformed citizens about the direction of the country stronger than the passion for warning unbelievers about the reality of heaven and hell? Sometimes it is. I need to be better at both.