Monday, October 12, 2009

Books and the next quilt

I've been cutting strips of fabric a little at a time for over a week for the next quilt. Today I started sewing them together and cutting them into blocks. Here are a few of the finished ones.

Here is the stack of strips waiting to be sewn together.

A couple days ago I was looking at the reading pile. (Amazing all the kinds of piles there are.) I discovered that I've got seven books going. "A Jack of all trades and a master of none" came to mind. The one I'm most actively reading is Christian Modesty The Public Undressing of America. It's a fascinating book about the theology modesty and the history of immodesty.

The others in progress are Last Days Madness by Gary DeMar (it's very long, but very good); The Establishment and Limits of Civil Government by James Willson; Desiring God by John Piper; Saving Freedom by Jim DeMint; End the Fed by Ron Paul; and Savanna from Savannah by Denise Hildreth (I've already read this one.). Three of them are library books, so I need to concentrate on those. Then I need to try not to do this again. I need to read one at a time. Or maybe two. ;-)


Christine said...

Beautiful material! What pattern are you using?

momawake said...

The pattern is Basket Weave from Debbie Mumm's book Country Quilting Collection. It's got the block show alternating with nine patches.

Mom said...

I usually do one book at a time, but I also have periodicals that are sometimes hard to keep up with. I pass them on to others so don't like for them to be too out of date. The book then may take me awhile to finish. I am also that way with projects. I prefer to finish a project before starting another. Sometimes a request may mean that my project may be interrupted by another for someone else. I don't know how you do so many things!