Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn Home School Ball

One of the home school groups sponsored a formal ball at one of the churches in the area. After I found out about it and discussed it with dh, I asked Amy if she wanted to go. She sort of did and sort of didn't. But in the end she decided to go and made her own dress. (A whole 'nother story.) The modesty standards were: "Dresses must be mid-calf or longer. Modesty is required. Strapless or backless gowns as well as gowns with plunging necklines are inappropriate and are not permitted." Based on this I thought the modesty issue would be covered. (No pun intended.) However, upon arrival I noticed several "backless" gowns and as you can see from the first picture these are not strapless, but might as well be. Now that I've got my itty bitty rant out of the way...

Here are six of the eight Seekers (formerly Keepers at Home) girls. These are all lovely young ladies.

The "Anonymous String Band" accompanied the dancers on Civil War style dances which were done in sets, circles and couples. (Amy would be able to explain this in much greater detail.)

Fathers were invited to join their daughters (or moms and sons) on the last dance--the waltz. Here they are together.

Amy, was really nervous about going to the ball, but she had a great time and wants to go back next year. We bought a picture cd, so we should be able to post more pictures later.


Polly said...

What a neat picture!

Mom said...

I see a proud Papa with his beeeautiful daughter!

Anonymous said...

Amy looks lovely as a young lady should. I love traditional dances. I perhaps will miss them and good old play parties the most about my music teaching. Doing them and watching the joy on my students' faces as they did them will be something I will always treasure.