Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Girls ready for Christmas



The above seven are mine. Amy dressed ALL the dolls for Christmas. We think we have 35 18-inch dolls. Here's the annual Christmas group shot.


Believe it or not, these dolls all have names. Starting in the back row from left to right (continuing down the stairs from left to right):

Addy, Sierra, Kit, Felicity, Elizabeth, Jess

Hannah, Hayden, Heather, Josie, Kirsten, Star, Laylie

Emily, Molly, Rebecca, Kaya, Joan, Julie, Victoria

Violet, Josefina, Abigail Noel, Josefina, Samantha, Kathleen, Eilis

Etta, Cecile, Nicki, Elizabeth Bennett (from Pride & Prejudice), Anna, Adria, Chrissa, Solana

Lia holding Kristina, Polly, Esther, Rejoice holding Rebecca.

There you have it.


Mom said...

Whatever happened to the boys? Why can't there be boy dolls too?

momawake said...

The answer to the "boy" question, is that there are people who have bought AG dolls and turned them into boy dolls by switching out wigs, dressing them in boy clothing. We haven't done this probably because we haven't had a need for a male character in a story.