Saturday, October 29, 2011

Third annual Mother/Daughter outing Part 1

It's really amazing that we actually got this trip done. There was seemingly one set-back after another. I think several of us were sick up to a day or two before, there was a literal detour on our way to pick up our friends, and some other unmentionables almost kept us from going. But we, finally, did get on our way even if it was several hours later than we'd hoped.

The first day we stopped at a larger Joann fabric store and took advantage of coupons. We had a very leisurely supper at Cracker Barrel then on to the city where the hotel awaited us.

The next day was pretty much filled with this place. Fabric shack has been a must for each trip. It's eye candy and a soothing-for-the-soul type of place. Well, there is also the frustration of not being able to buy everything or at least everything we like. It's pretty hard to make fabric decisions when you have to narrow down hundreds of choices to only a few. Somehow we manage.






Christine said...

I remember that shop and I'm a wee bit jealous that you got to spend the better part of a day there. Glad you had fun. What did you purchase?

Mom said...

I am thinking that the best benefit of your trip cannot be purchased - relationships. said...

Love the one of Kristina thinking about the pre-cut stack and whether or not that should be the one she chose to purchase! ;-) I'm so glad we FINALLY got out of our houses and were able to do it. The Memories keep me warm and happy inside . . . till next year!