Monday, September 26, 2011

Once again I've been busy sewing, but that's good. :) The latest "Handmade-Pay if Forward" gift went to Jane a friend from Z'ville days.


The project before that or maybe simultaneously was the pillowcase dresses for Liberia. Those went to another friend from Z'ville days. (None of us live there anymore.)



BTW, I've heard it said that everybody has some connection with Zanesville, Ohio. Wonder if it's true. I pretty much didn't like living there. There were some great things about it, but they all had to do with the people, not the place. Having said that, I did like our neighborhood, which really only consisted of the 10 houses or so on our street. Enough about that. I've also had a couple orders for coats and since Christmas shopping is upon us I need to keep up with that.


Nanci said...

Cute projects!

Cheri said...

A good friend of mine from college lived in Zanesville! Love all your projects...