Sunday, May 24, 2009


Three of the D family's children were here Friday and Saturday. They fished, swam, played and ended the stay with a concert. If you really want to hear it, I'll post a video.

I was thoroughly pooped by Saturday afternoon, but everyone was well-behaved and we had a nice time. (I apologize for this comment...but speaking of pooped, I had to change that sort of diaper on Friday and I will say I do not miss that at all.)


Mom said...

Sometimes "pooped" is a good feeling too.

Happymom4 aka Hope Anne said...

LOL--after four years of it, I'm rather weary of it too. Wish I knew how to help the poor boy . . . we tried potty training again yesterday and finally ended it after we had a huge puddle on the floor that he tried to play in . . . sigh. I guess he's determined to do this on HIS schedule, not mine.
Love the photos of them on the water--if you don't mind emailing, I'd be glad! Thanks again--we really did enjoy the break!