Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ending the Panic

Ending The Panic By Mr. David Zanotti

America is not a nation of need. It is a nation of opportunity. Last month Americans did two things that smart people do in down times. They saved their money at an annual rate not seen since 1959 and they made some really smart purchases taking advantage of the deflation of retail prices.

Americans are not the flat-headed personalities that political pollsters try to make us believe. Americans know their government is out of control. Congress is a playground full of bullies and brats. Americans have seen this before and are steering clear of the playground and finding safe places to get on with life.

People are not buying the crisis. They are not folding. They are getting up every morning and going to work. They are saving money again. They are not ready to buy cars yet but watch what happens next month. You will see garden and seed sales hit big numbers. People will start planting gardens again. It won’t save the economy but its one more symbolic protest. In down times Americans know how to shift gears, save a few dollars, and fight back.

The voters are taking it on the chin right now. We the people made some bad choices and have lost a ton of money. There is one group of people who played the bully in all of this; who could have helped but let us get mugged instead. The US Congress set America up for this beat down. Democrats and Republicans alike looked the other way as investment banks and Wall Street pimped the housing market and wiped out the economy. Congress refuses to come to terms with what they did. The Obama people will not even talk about it. Where is the legislative remedy to end the abuses of Freddie, Fannie, and the investment and banking firms?

Even worse, Congress is still playing the bully. They are trying to take over health care and jam global warming cap and trade tax increases down our throats. They are playing off our pain to forward their political agendas. Cap and trade taxes won’t save us. Nationalizing health care will not turn this economy around. The Congressional ego is so out of control that some members actually believe they can run this economy from Capitol Hill. They have learned nothing from the current meltdown.

There is an election coming in just 17 months. Every member of the US House will be up for re-election. The pain won’t disappear by then. The portfolios won’t be fully recovered. The scars will barely be healed. There is a day of reckoning coming. In the meantime, We the People, have to slam the brakes on this out of control Congress. We have to stop the political panic machine.

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The catch it to find HONEST people to elect to replace the enemies of America.