Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tithe Sermon pt. 15

3) As the tithe was abandoned, state taxes increased to the level of double or triple tithes to pay for the new social order. We pay 30-50% in income tax, property tax, social security tax, unemployment tax, medicare, state income tax, city income tax, sales tax, excise taxes, etc.

4) Charitable foundations, once an instrument of the Christian tithe, became humanistic social agencies with statist ideas. American Christians have been fools, denying God His due and allowing the state to take our tax money to set up non-Christian substitutes.

5) In the modern world, the operative god has become the state.

6) The result is injustice from progressive tax rates and taxing the producers to support the nonproducers. Christians have robbed God and are now, themselves being subject to theft by the state.

We will not turn back the messianic state through political action or elections. It will take the restoration of the tithe and God's social order.

America has the government it has, in large part, because American Christians have abandoned the tithe.

Dear Father,
Help us to examine ourselves. Is our first response to the 10% tribute You ask from us for the blessings You give us one of clutching our money to ourselves or one of open-handed celebration of Your gifts? Please reform our hearts. Create a stewardship ethic in us so that we may be involved in restoring the fabric of our society to Your jurisdiction and bring a blessing on our nation by attacking the foundations of the messianic state through faithful tithing.

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Anonymous said...

No lie about taxes. I am glad that there are legitimate Christian charities that still exist like Samaritan's Purse. I wouldn't be so jazzed about packing boxes if they weren't going out in the name of Jesus. In addition to giving to our church, my husband and I also feel really strongly about supporting the campus ministries we were both involved at at our respective colleges because of how much our lives were changed because of them.